Types of Roads in India

types of roads in india

Types of roads in India

Just think once what happens if we don’t have roads?

We can’t walk happily

We can’t ride our bike

We can’t drive our car

No use of buying luxurious vehicles without roads.

So we don’t have that problem now. We have roads and we are using them.

Now it’s time to have some knowledge of roads.

Here in this post, I want to explain what the different types of roads in India are?

What is the Road?

The Road is a wide way which gives a way for pedestrians and vehicles to walk and travel. Roads are constructed with specially prepared stuff. To know how roads are constructed click here.


Expressway is a type of Highway which connects major cities and it is designed with less entrance and exit points. At entrance and exit points a narrow road is built and vehicles should take those narrow roads. These Narrow roads also called as Slip Roads. Usually, Expressways consist of six-eight lanes which have dividers to divide two-way roads.

National Highways:-

National Highways are the roads which are connected national wide along all major states. These National highways are developed and maintained by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). These Highways are very useful to transport goods from one state to another state.

State Highways:-

State Highways are roads maintained by the state government to connect major roads which connect to Cities, District Headquarters, and National Highways.  Generally, state highways are named with Numbers.

District Roads:-

District roads are majorly constructed to connect major markets in the district and these roads also connected with National Highways. District Roads plays a major role in the transportation of products like vegetables, milk products.

Village Roads:-

Villages are the life of the country, but in India, village roads are not considered more, so the development of roads in the village is poor. These roads are connected with nearby by towns. So these roads should develop well.

Rural Roads:-

Roads which are used in the forest by tribals and roads in the desert are considered as Rural Roads. This roads construction and maintenance is a big challenge. An investigation says that 90% of rural roads are constructed and maintained local village people.

Urban Roads:-

In simple, we can say that Roads inside or around cities are called Urban Roads. These roads are well built with street lights, road dividers and fountains and plants in the junctions. These roads are maintained by Municipal Corporation of that city.

These are the different types of roads in India. My next post will how roads are constructed?

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