Traffic Rules for Kids

traffic rules for kids

Mother can take care of their kid only in the house. Father can take care of their kid only on the bike and playground. Teachers can take care of your kids only in school. Then who will take care of your kids on Roads?

So traffic rules for kids is important for kids, we have to give required awareness to our kids for their safety on roads.

Road safety rules and regulations for Kids

Here are some road safety rules and regulations for kids.

  1. Footpath

Teach your kid that always uses footpaths to walk. Clearly explain that roads are for vehicles and footpaths are for pedestrians.

  1. Zebra Crossing

Kids are very excited to cross roads anywhere they like. Explain your kid to cross the road only at Zebra Crossings, If there is no zebra crossings ask them to cross roads by looking both sides of the road, confirm no vehicles are passing and cross the road.

  1. Crossing Roads

There may be a need of crossing of roads after dropping from the school bus or else when your kid visit friends home. While crossing roads never and ever cross the road in front of heavy vehicles, because visibility of road beside heavy vehicle will be very less and if any vehicle is passing from beside of that heavy vehicle cannot be identified so crossing before heavy vehicles are very dangerous.

  1. Don’t Run

Kids run on roads unnecessarily, they are not aware of vehicles on road and there may be a chance of hitting vehicles when they are not in control. So tell your kid not to run on roads.

  1. Crossing Busy Roads

Kids never watch left and right side of roads; they very hurry in crossing roads. Teach them these three words STOP, WATCH, and CROSS. Tell them to STOP before crossing the road and WATCH both sides of the road, confirm no vehicle is passing and finally CROSS the road.

  1. Traffic Signals

Create awareness of traffic signals to kids. Especially colors are very important




Every kid should be aware of these three signals because these three colors are very important on roads.

And also explain that these three color lights are for vehicles and for pedestrians another side light will be present with STOP or WALK symbols, we should use them.

Gradually teach your children about different traffic signals which we use on roads.

  1. Don’t Break Rules

Kids will learn by watching. They are watching you in-house, functions, playground and also on roads. So never and ever don’t break rules. If you are breaking any rules on roads they are motivated in that way and will try the same in your absence. So please be aware of that.

Road safety games

Now a day’s kids are very interested in playing video games, so use this chance and create awareness on road safety by giving road safety games to your kids.

Here I’m giving some best games which are useful to kids to get Traffic awareness

  1. Izzy’s road safety games




Website: –


  1. Road Safety Games

Website: –



Road safety tips

  1. Hold your kid’s hand while crossing roads
  2. Make discussions on road safety
  3. Be patience while they asking any doubts and clear them
  4. Don’t use mobile phones or electronic gadgets while you are driving

Take your kids for a walk and explain Traffic signals and different types of symbols.

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