What is Ten Year Challenge? Why Ten Year Challenge is trending now in Social Media?

After all challenges now it’s time for “Ten year challenge”. All celebrities posting two photos in one post and writing hashtag as #10yearchallenge.

From film stars to cricket stars and Politicians to news anchors all are posting photos in social as a 10-year challenge.

What is Ten Year Challenge?

Posting a pic in social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms in a grid with two different images (Ex: pic in 2009 and pic in 2019) is a new challenge called Ten-year Challenge #10yearchallenge.

Here is some collection of Ten-year challenge pics of celebrities.

samrat 10yearchallenge

Niharika konidela 10yearchallenge


ten year challenge by beebo


Who started the Ten-year challenge?

This is the common question arises when we hear about this ten-year challenge.
In simple we can say GOOGLE started this but not mentioned name.

We will get notification from Google photos with cation “Then & Now”.
It means showing two different pics from different years with comparison.
This turned into Ten-Year challenge later.

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